What if all the affordable housing we needed were right in front of us?

Havens Homes is a business with a bold mission – to increase the availability of affordable housing without the need for subsidies or new construction.  Through an innovative application of existing legal and real estate practices, Havens Homes will convert existing rental properties into affordable housing more quickly, cheaply, and profitably than traditional solutions.

The need for affordable housing is greater than ever. We hope you’ll help us achieve our vision by learning more about Havens Homes. We’re excited to show you what we can do together.

Step 1

Purchase an existing multi-family rental property

Step 1
Convert each unit into a legally purchasable home

Step 2

Convert each unit into a legally purchasable home

Step 3

Sell units to qualified buyers

Sell units to qualified buyers

Step 4

Recover initial investment (+ business profit)

Step 5



Advantages of our approach:

We can create new affordable housing without worrying about permits, zoning issues, land use codes, NIMBYism, or any of the other issues that commonly plague affordable housing initiatives. These properties are already built, zoned, up to code, and accepted as part of the landscape.

Monies invested in Havens Homes are not sunk forever into a single project; they are invested, recovered, and then re-invested. Thus the impact of all investments is significantly greater than traditional subsidy-based financing.